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Born in 1983. Self-taught. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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/ about /

I search intriguing and confusing shapes that involve perceptual issues.
Frictions occur between reality and appearances. Boundaries with fiction remain unclear, time and memories are blurred.

A part of my work deals with human interactions.
No longer kept in their original private context, they are offered to the attention of a foreign audience.
Unfamiliar to the relations and the people who are depicted, the viewer changes the nature of these images via his gaze.
The spectator’s presence is enhanced, mirroring that of the people at which he is staring.

In parallel, my creation embraces time.
I confront and overlap temporalities to produce frictions between the time within the video and the viewers’ current time.
Oppositions emerge: motion / fixity, tension / slacking, etc.
These gaps shape the global understanding of the works: I expect meanings to appear progressively,
as if they were covered by a veil that requests patience and empathy to be lifted.

Beyond what the works show, I focus on the sensations they produce: absorption, detachment, strain, floating, etc.
I imagine the experience of the viewer to look like a destabilizing flow, that brings him closer or away to the work.
I strive to make the spectator feel powerless to grasp what he is facing or to determine at what he is “really” looking.


/ texts /

« Jeux d'écarts. » Thomas Fort
« Jeune Création 2013 : on a aimé ça, ça et ça. » Magali Lesauvage, Exponaute
« Aurélien Grèzes, Parties communes » Frédérique Giraud, liens socio

« L'Elu: l'off et l'officiel. » Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret, le
« Le jeu de l'élu. » Guylain Desnoues
« Lettres. » Béatrice Dumont
« Parties communes » Eve Chambrot
« Parties communes » Philippe Hameau


/ shows /

Engaging Artists- group show (Queens Museum, NY)
The Chosen (L'Elu) - screening (Five Myles, Brooklyn)
The Chosen (L'Elu) - screening (Video Revival, Brooklyn)

Engaging Artists Residency (NY)
OPEN (C)ALL: The Artist's Studio - group show (BRIC, Brooklyn, NY)

Pixelling (video art charity auction)

Jeune Création - group show (le Centquatre, Paris)
Letters (Lettres) - solo show (Jour et Nuit, Paris)

The Chosen (L'Elu) - screening (Les yeux de l'ouïe, Nancy)

Communal parts (Parties communes) - screening (Les yeux de l'ouïe, Nancy)

Nothing (Rien) - (Gallery Julio Gonzalez, Arcueil)