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NEW YORK (2015 - 25×1' - color with sound) -- extract (8')

Since 2015
. Video. Various durations.


Standing's sequences are staged: the person is aware of being filmed but does not know where I am hidden.
Through my video camera, I observe his gaze, the movements of his body, how it fills the space and the time.

I see the gaze of the character as a reflective surface, a mirror of the spectator’s presence in front of the screen.
On both sides of the screen, the duration of the sequence has various effects: lassitude, nervousness, stillness, etc.
Sometimes the character’s gaze seems penetrable: his gaze absorbs the spectator’s. Other times, it looks like a shield, escaping the gaze of others.
My intention is to generate a tension between the character’s awareness of the camera and the fact that apparently they forget themselves.


In New York (above)I filmed 40 people, in various locations of the city. I only kept one minute per character.
In Paris (below) I filmed four people, all at the same exact location. They are shown together in a silent split screen .


PARIS (2016 - 41' - b/w) -- extract (9')


Stills from the STANDING video filmed in New York: