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View of the installation at the Centquatre (group show Jeune Création - Paris, 11/2013)

2013. Installation (ten sheets of paper on a table)

From a corpus of suicide letters, several people rewrote by hand original documents.
Fictitious letters have also been written for the installation, where reality and fiction are mixed.


"A table in the middle of an exhibition room invites us to read ten papers, each of which contains the words of someone who took his own life.
But the fiction catches us: there is no way to distinguish the veracity of these messages and if they have actually been followed by the intended acts.
Once again, the subject is not the focus of the artist. Rather, he wants to question the limits of the fiction, which is why a note discloses the inauthenticity of some papers,
without revealing which ones. It distances us in order to show how an object can be manipulated and to reveal the emotion that continues despite of this transformation.
He plays with forces of persuasion by modifying the handwriting. In order to do so, he proposed to several people to rewrite original messages by hand.
The impact of the handwriting, although realized arbitrarily, leads the reader-viewer to construct a character who could have written such a letter.
Paradoxically, while being put into distance by the avowal of the facsimile, a tension remains and insists in the trouble that titillates our curiosity and leaves our doubt remedied."
Thomas Fort